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Ryft Optics was launched in the winter of 2014 by a group of passionate outdoorsy guys with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer sunglasses and goggles at a revolutionary price and leading the way for customer service and while growing as a socially conscious company.
We were always amazed by the price of decent quality sunglasses and goggles. The industry is dominated by a few companies which charge extortionate prices. Year after year, we felt sick of spending hundreds on sunglasses and goggles.
This is why back in 2014 we decided to launch Ryft Optics. We design our products in-house and through active customer feedback develop products which are rider centric. We pride ourselves in creating sunglasses and goggles with a simple and efficient design, free from nonsense features.
The result is high quality, better looking sunglasses and goggles, made from ecofriendly material built to last, and at a fraction of the going price.

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